We opened the submission window for issue six a couple of days ago. We aren’t  accepting emailed stories and poems this time around (at least in the main), but instead are trying out a submission manager which goes by the cheery name of Submishmash. The reasons for this are several: first, the number of submissions have increased to a level where there is a danger of us loosing track of people and submitted work; second, Submishmash lets authors keep track of their work through the whole process; and third, it saves us a hell of a lot of effort in making sure people have sent us all the right information, files we can open, etc.

The idea isn’t to create another barrier between the magazine and prospective writers; in fact we would very much like people to get in touch with any questions or comments about the process. Feedback would be extremely helpful.

The deadline this time around is the 14th of March, so if you would like to send us your work, please go here to take a look at our submission guidelines and access Submishmash.



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