2nd International Alternative Press Festival

With issue eight safely at the printers, we’ve begun looking ahead a little. It turns out there’s bloody loads going on! I’ll blog about the other things in due course, but first…

Photo: Structo (CC-BY-NC-SA)

The 2nd annual International Alternative Press Festival kicks off in London tomorrow, and runs through until the 10th of August. The Festival takes in all aspects of indie publishing, there will be a complete takeover of Lamb Conduit Street, exhibitions at GOSH! and Orbital Comics, and various other events. The main attraction though is the Small Press Fair, which is taking place on the weekend of the 4th/5th of August at the Conway Hall.

We met lots of lovely people last year, and this time around there are going to be over 100 exhibitors over the two days. We will have a table in the main hall again, but have also been asked to host a vaguely literary event on Sunday afternoon. The organisers were generous/foolhardy enough to give us an open brief, so in the end we decided to go with ‘So Bad it’s Good: Adventures in Terrible Writing’. Here’s the bumph from the programme:

In a case of it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time, Structo magazine cheerfully presents an afternoon of terrible literature and excruciating poetry. You will find out just how difficult it is to write a truly bad opening line to a novel, witness a poetry slam of Vogonic proportions, and have a go at writing some woeful verse yourself. This will appear in a one-off magazine, to be published online on the day.

That will be running from 2:45–4:30pm and there’s no extra fee to attend. The fair itself costs £3 to get in. Bargain.

— Euan


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