Submissions and opportunities

Photo: lotyloty on Flickr (BY 2.0)

Submissions for issue nine closed at midnight last night. We are now facing the always-tricky task of choosing what goes in the magazine. The last seven weeks have brought us a wonderful volume and quality of work, and I can foresee some animated discussions over the short list. We will be getting back to everyone who sent in a story or a poem by the 10th of November at the latest either way. Then it’s on with the editing process.

While issue nine is coming together — and we’re aiming for release in the first week of the new year — we will be highlighting some of our past authors in a regular feature here on the blog. This is partly to help promote writers whose work we enjoy, but also because it’s nice to  see what people have been up to.

Okay, fine, we’re nosy.

So if you’re an erstwhile Structo author, and you would like to take part in the feature, then drop one of us a line or leave a comment below.

— Euan


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