Once upon a time: Duncan Jones

A Newark Cemetery Squirrel Speaks by Duncan Jones

Photo: Structo (CC BY 2.0)

This is the start of an irregular feature on the blog. We’re always nosy about interested in what authors get up to after having been published in Structo, and it suddenly occurred to us that the most straightforward way of finding out would be to ask! It also gives us a chance to give our erstwhile writers a little publicity, because they certainly didn’t get involved with the magazine for the money…

First up is Duncan Jones. We have published a couple of Duncan’s witty little stories, the first in issue four and the second the following issue. You can read ‘A Newark Cemetery Squirrel Speaks’ and ‘Lucifer’ in full and for free over at issuu, and continue reading below for a short interview with the man himself.

Lucifer by Duncan Jones

Photo: Structo (CC BY 2.0)

Do you primarily write short stories? 
Yes I do primarily write short stories, many of which are available on the Ether app.

Are smartphones and tablets helping the short story form?

I suspect that they are and many people a lot more worthy than I seem to agree. If the short story was seen as unprofitable by traditional publishers, digital publishing gets round this. The length of a short story fits people’s busy lives. I am a bit puzzled how people know where to go to get quality. Ether has an editorial process, but I am not convinced all platforms do. I guess people will soon find a platform that gives them what they want. How you get your stories noticed in such a massive market intrigues me, and as trumpet blowing has never been my forte, I guess it also troubles me.

Why did you send your stories to Structo in particular? 

The submissions criteria and description of the magazine caught my attention, especially the ‘make us smile’ bit.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am currently writing a ghost story for children set in a shopping centre.

Do you have a plan for your writing career, or are you playing it by ear?
I am very much playing it by ear, trying to build on small successes without being blinkered about new avenues. I had a short horror piece I had written as part of an Open University creative writing course accepted for a charity Halloween anthology published by Crooked Cat. I do wonder if I write over too many genres. I write poetry for adults and children and my short stories are quite varied, but it all helps to improve my writing and I enjoy the variety.


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