Curious Iconic Craft

Curious Iconic Craft

Just a quick post to make you aware of an ace Kickstarter campaign that’s currently running called Curious Iconic Craft. A pair of designers behind two of our favourite magazines — Little White Lies and Huckare moving on to pastures new, and decided to make a book about everything they learned over the decade they worked on the magazines. Both titles are gorgeous, and a big inspiration to us at here at Structo, so Curious Iconic Craft should make for a bloody good read.

There’s a week left on the funding schedule, and at the time of writing they’re over 80% of the way there, with £3,000 to go before they hit the goal. Backer rewards include the ebook for a fiver, the printed book for £13, the book and a collection of wallpapers and fonts from the magazines for £20. The levels above contain limited-edition artwork, custom artwork, and a day of creative consultancy.

If you’re into indie magazines, this is worth a look. More details, including a video, can be found at their Kickstarter funding page here.

— Euan


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