The Sir Paul Getty Bodleian Bookbinding Prize

Perez-Sierra Rodriguez

All photos ©  Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

As the last post should have made blindingly obvious, we love beautiful books and magazines. Digital publications are wonderful too, but the feeling of a well crafted object in your hands when reading is a truly different experience.

At the extreme end of the beauty scale are this year’s entrants to the International Designer Bookbinding Competition, aka the Sir Paul Getty Bodleian Bookbinding Prize. These are books you might be afraid to touch, never mind read. At this point they have become plain ol’ art.

The theme this year was Shakespeare, and the winner was Dominic Riley, for his goatskin binding which depicts the story of Pyramus and Thisbe. Head below the fold to see some of our favourites. 

George Kirkpatrick Fabrizio Bertolotti Yuri Nomura Robert Wu Kaoru Harada James Reid-Cunningham Hannah Brown


One response to “The Sir Paul Getty Bodleian Bookbinding Prize

  1. Dominic Riley, a brilliant bookbinder, craftsman and artist. Also a brilliant story teller and public speaker with a marvellous sense of humour.

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