Awards season


Photo (BY-NC-ND): Ana Kelston

Two exciting awards-related things to report today.

Back in April we posted a brief interview with Siobhan Harvey, who had just had her issue eight poem ‘Considering the Autistic Boy as a Cloud’ selected for the Best New Zealand Poems anthology.

Today we’re delighted to announce that Siobhan has gone one further, as she has been awarded this year’s Kathleen Grattan Award, New Zealand’s largest prize for poetry. The prize is for her collection Nephology for Beginners, about a boy with autistic spectrum, which includes ‘Considering the Autistic Boy as a Cloud’. You can listen to the excellent announcement interview here and read her contribution to issue eight here. Many congratulations Siobhan!

While on the subject of awards, we made our first ever Pushcart Prize nomination this time last year. After lots of re-reading, this year we’ve decided to nominate three poems, one essay and two short stories. They are:

‘Bales’ by Daniel Galbraith
‘Woodvale’ by Phil Callaghan
‘Lunch in Ars en Ré’ by Lucy Furlong
‘The Loft of Hidden Dreams’ by Keir John Pratt
‘In a Foreign Town’ by Christine Stroik Stocke
‘A View of the Moon from the Moon’ by Matthew Kabik

These nominations are currently winging their way to New York, and we wish them all the best of luck.

2 responses to “Awards season

  1. Reblogged this on christine PS stocke and commented:
    A huge thanks to Structo Magazine for their nomination of my story, “In a Foreign Town.”

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