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Issue 11


After a fun launch party in Oxford, Structo issue 11 is now available to order! It will be available from our stockists on the weekend of February 1st.


Issue 11 is our largest ever, and features 11 short stories, 12 (or 16, depending on how you count) poems, two essay features, and an interview with First Story‘s co-founder Katie Waldegrave.


Several of the poems are in translation, from the Gaelic, Irish, Classical Chinese and Jèrriais.


One of the essays is our regular Incidental column, and the other is a profile of the Surrealist painter and author Leonora Carrington. She had an interesting life.


We’re very proud of this issue. I hope you like it as much as we do.

— Euan


Issue 11 launch


Tomorrow night from 6pm we will be celebrating the publication of Structo issue 11 at one of our very favourite bookshops: The Albion Beatnik in Oxford.

If you’ve followed our exploits for a while, you might remember we had our issue nine party there, and you will already know why we’re going back.

Expect a pile of magazines, some short readings by some ace writers, wine and/or tea, and cake. Confirmed readings by issue 11 short story writers Melanie Whipman and Tara Isabella Burton, and by the Oxford poets Nikul Patel, April Pierce and Leo Mercer.

It’s going to be fun. Hope you can join us! Facebook event page here.

Update: Sadly Tara can’t make tonight, due to being on the wrong side of the Atlantic, but we have some exciting Oxford poets making up the ranks!

Illustrator interview: Jade They

incidentalAll images © Jade They

London-based illustrator and printmaker Jade They provided the powerful illustration for the issue 10 Incidental column ‘Loft of Hidden Dreams’. We spoke to Jade about her art background and her method for approaching commissions. More of her illustrations follow below the fold.

Can you say a little about your art background?
I studied at the University of Westminster and graduated with a first in Illustration and Visual Communication in 2012. My work has appeared a number of publications, with recent features in Boneshaker, Lost in London, Strike! and Delayed Gratification magazine, amongst others. I have taken part in a number of shows and exhibitions including  2013 Design Junction, 2013 Members Summer Show at London Print Studio and 2012 New Blood D&AD.

How do you approach illustrating a piece of writing generally?
Generally when illustrating a piece of writing I need to make an analysis of the imagery described in the text as well as subjects and atmosphere. I then develop an idea based on those three things. Then I make a working rough using hand-drawn elements, which gets refined along the way. I cut the final from lino and print it. Sometimes the image will then go through minor changes in Photoshop, but I try to keep to the original print as much as possible. Continue reading