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Issue 12 submissions now open


Photo (CC BY): Magdalena Roeseler

We are now accepting submissions of short stories and poetry for Structo issue 12. It doesn’t seem five minutes since the last one, but we seem to be a bit more organised this time around, as we have already conducted the interview for this new issue – with the novelist and poet Margaret Atwood.

The deadline is midnight GMT in the evening of Monday April 7th. For more information and for our submission guidelines, head over to our website, where you can also find the link to send in your work. Can’t wait to see what comes in this time around.

— Euan

Issue 11


After a fun launch party in Oxford, Structo issue 11 is now available to order! It will be available from our stockists on the weekend of February 1st.


Issue 11 is our largest ever, and features 11 short stories, 12 (or 16, depending on how you count) poems, two essay features, and an interview with First Story‘s co-founder Katie Waldegrave.


Several of the poems are in translation, from the Gaelic, Irish, Classical Chinese and Jèrriais.


One of the essays is our regular Incidental column, and the other is a profile of the Surrealist painter and author Leonora Carrington. She had an interesting life.


We’re very proud of this issue. I hope you like it as much as we do.

— Euan

Issue 10 now online

An early Christmas present: the online version of Structo issue 10!

Click on the preview above, or head on over to Issuu, to read the issue for free and in its entirety. It features 10 short stories, 10 poems, two interviews (author Evie Wyld and poet/translator/author/editor David Constantine) and an essay about hereditary book addiction. It’s a great issue, even if we say it ourselves.

There are also a few print copies around if you would like to read it on paper.

Happy Christmas on behalf of the entire Structo team.

— Euan

Now reading for issue 11!

Photo by Catunes on Flickr

Photo (CC BY-NC-SA) by Catunes

We are now accepting submissions of short stories and poetry for issue 11! Head over to our website to read submission guidelines and find the link to send in your work. On the poetry front, we are particularly interested in seeing translations from the Gaelic, Irish, Manx, Cornish, Channel French and Welsh, however would love to read original poetry in English too. As usual, there isn’t a theme and the deadline this time around is October the 7th.

Can’t wait to see what comes in this time.

— Euan

Issue 10, available now


Photos by Structo (CC-BY)

So here it is: Structo issue 10. Double digits! Five years! Available now!


This issue contains 10 short stories, 10 poems, two interviews and an essay on book addiction in the family by our (newly minted) fiction editor. We’ve decided to pretend that the 10 stories and 10 poems thing was deliberate, rather than an amusing coincidence, which it obviously was.


Our interviews this time are with Evie Wyld, bookshop owner and Granta-listed author of After the Fire, A Still Small Voice and All the Birds, Singing; and David Constantine, most recently a Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award winner for his story collection Tea at the Midland, but also a poet, translator and ex-Modern Poetry in Translation editor. Two very different, very fascinating and pretty damn long interviews.


The fiction and poetry comes from the UK and all over the world: Australia, the United States, South Africa and the Netherlands. There are translations from the Norwegian and Icelandic in there too.


It’s 108 pages, and costs £5. Online, it’s available in our shop, as well as from Magpile and Anikibo. You can also buy it from one of our stockists as they get their copies over the next week or so (The Society Club in London, The Albion Beatnik in Oxford and Cornerhouse in Manchester already have their copies).

Issue nine now online

Issue nine is now online! You can read it immediately by clicking on the preview above, or head on over to issuu. This issue features 13 short stories, 21 poems, two interviews (writer Stella Duffy and Bodley’s Librarian Sarah Thomas) and an essay promoting caffeine addiction. Or something like that.

It was released in print on the 28th of January. There are still a handful of hard copies available if you’d like to read it in the bath without ruining your iPad.