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Once upon a time: Tim Hehir


Images: Text Publishing

As part of our on-going feature in which we talk to previously published authors, here’s a brief interview with author Tim Hehir. Tim’s short story ‘God Bless Us One and All’ appeared in the magazine back in issue seven and you can read it online here. His début novel, Julius and the Watchmaker, is out now from Text Publishing in Australia.

How did you come across Structo? Why did you choose to send your story here?

I do not recall how I actually found Structo. I somehow came to the magazine via a circuitous route on the internet while I was searching for somewhere to send one of my short stories. I chose to send my first story to Structo because of a line in the submissions criteria. You stated that you liked things that “made us smile”. I enjoyed the succinctness and honesty of the statement and thought I would give it a try. The first story I sent to the magazine was rejected but the rejection note I received was very encouraging so I gave it another try some time later. I was with a bunch of writer friends, renting a house for the weekend in a seaside town outside Melbourne and we had a conversation about trying to come up with the craziest horror film idea we could. I came up with the ‘Zombified Dickens Characters’ idea and ‘God Bless us One and All’ was born. Continue reading