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Issue 11 launch


Tomorrow night from 6pm we will be celebrating the publication of Structo issue 11 at one of our very favourite bookshops: The Albion Beatnik in Oxford.

If you’ve followed our exploits for a while, you might remember we had our issue nine party there, and you will already know why we’re going back.

Expect a pile of magazines, some short readings by some ace writers, wine and/or tea, and cake. Confirmed readings by issue 11 short story writers Melanie Whipman and Tara Isabella Burton, and by the Oxford poets Nikul Patel, April Pierce and Leo Mercer.

It’s going to be fun. Hope you can join us! Facebook event page here.

Update: Sadly Tara can’t make tonight, due to being on the wrong side of the Atlantic, but we have some exciting Oxford poets making up the ranks!

A third night at the Gallery

We’re heading back to the contemporary art gallery in Milton Keynes on the evening of Thursday, March 15th to host our third spoken word Scratch Night.

The first night we hosted at the gallery was about a year ago, and mainly featured writers from London, while the second — co-hosted with the Monkey Kettle crew — was all about the local scene. This time we’re going for a bit of both.

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